Zhuhai Wenyuan Middle School Cerulean Youth String Orchestra

Zhuhai Wenyuan Middle School Cerulean Youth String Orchestra


Zhuhai Wenyuan Middle School Cerulean Youth String Orchestra was established in 2004. Under the leadership of the conductor Guo Yang, the string orchestra has been undergoing a steady development. At the very beginning, there are only about 10 members, but in 2006 our orchestra, on behalf of Zhuhai, won the gold prize on the 2nd Chinese String Music Festival held in Macao. It was just two years past since the establishment.

In 2006, the Cerulean Youth String Orchestra grew up into an independent junior middle school youth string orchestra. The members are from Year 7-9. What’s more, most of them have never learned to play the violin before they came to our orchestra. However, under the teaching of Ms. Guo Yang, they can easily and quickly get the hang of the basic performance skills of playing the violin and those who learn quickly are the main part of the orchestra. The number of the steady members of the orchestra keeps at 60.

In 2008, the orchestra was equipped with more necessary instruments, which made the orchestra more perfect. The song PALLADIO we played on Zhuhai Middle School Students Art Performance won the gold award. and for two consecutive years from 2009 the orchestra won the gold award in Guangdong Middle School Students Musical Instruments Competition.

Nowadays, the performing style of our orchestra is more varied, and the performing pieces of the orchestra are becoming larger at the range. Our orchestra is popular with all the audience and often invited to watch a lot of great celebrations and performances.




Guo Yang

Guo Yang

Artistic leader and conductor

Ms. Guo Yang, a professional violin teacher, was born in Beijing and graduated in South China Normal University majoring in music education. Ms. Guo Yang had worked in Ningxia Nongken orchestra and Ningxia Yinchuan No.1 Middle School. Now she works as the senior music teacher in Zhuhai Wenyuan Middle School. She is also a member of the China Choirs Association, Guangdong Musician Association and Guangdong Violin Association respectively. She has won the award as the advanced teacher in Zhuhai.

During the more than 30 years of art activities and music education career, Ms. Guo Yang has trained and commanded the student choirs and orchestras. The Zhuhai Wenyuan Middle School Cerulean Youth String Orchestra founded in 2006 consecutively won a national gold award, two provincial gold awards and five municipal gold awards.




Competition Program


Mozart   Divertimento f-major KV 1380
Hua Yanjun   Moon Reflecting In The Erquan Pond
Mozart   Serenade For Strings In G Major
Liu Tianhua   A Wonderful Night



Additional Concerts Program


Karl Jenkins   Palladio
J.S.Bach   Concerto in D minor for two Violins
Rolf Lovland & Fionnuala Sherry   Song from a Secret Garden
Dmitri Shostakovich   Polka Dance
Franz Schubert   Marche Militarie
Joseph Haydn   Symphonie No. 94 in G Major “The Surprise”
Hua Yanjun   Moon Reflecting in The Erquan Pond
Liu Tianhua   A Wonderful Night
W. A. Mozart   Divertimento f Major KV 138
W. A. Mozart   Serenade for Strings in G Major