Nanjing Yincheng Primary School Children’s Choir

Nanjing Yincheng Primary School Children’s Choir


The Children’s Choir of Yinling Primary School is a very animated Ensemble. The Choir consists of 100 members, whereby the smallest children are only 7 years old. The choir was founded 3 years ago and since then, only leading conductors worked with them. Today the conductor of the Choir is Mrs. Zhu Zhen. The children have a big repertoire of Chinese and Western music and participated in a lot of competitions. Every member, from the youngest to the eldest, is putting a lot of love and work into this choir. This passion and a great education already earned them a lot of praise.



May 2012 Invitation to the Central Conservatory of Music in China

District level:

October 2010 1st price at the Choir Competition of the Gulou District Primary School
May 2006 2nd price at the choir competition of the Gulou District Primary School September 2006 3rd price at the choir competition of the Gulou District Primary School
November 2008 2nd price at the cretivity competition of the Gulou District
May 2009 2nd price at the choir competition of the Gulou District Primary School




Zhu Zhen

Zhu Zhen

Choir director

Miss Zhu Zhen was born in July 1987 and loves to sing in the chorus since her childhood. She studied singing and directing at Nanjing Normal University with the famous music professor Xiaozhuang. Deeply influenced by the energy and soul of choral music, she devotes all her strength to the training of her choir. Ten years ago, Zhu Zhen participated regularly with the “Silber bell choir” in singing contests on municipal, provincial and national level, and she convinced the critics. In May 2010 she participated as director and arranger in the “Ancient poetry concert”, arranged by students of the China Central Conservatory of Music, and again was praised by the critics. Across the years Miss Zhu Zhen always won the first or the second prize in the contests she entered.




Competition Program


Wolfram Wagner   Es löst der Sonnenschein
W. A. Mozart   Ave Maria
Chen Guangzhong   Jasmin
Music By Huang Zi, Words by Liu Xue'an
Recomposed by Chen Guang’zhong
  Step Snow Seek Plum



Additional Concerts Program


Jiangsu Folksong   Jasmine Jiangsu
Folksong   Falling Snow
Qiu JiaCuo   I wish
Chu Wang Hua   Red Star Shining
Chu Wang Hua   A girls prayer
Li Xin, Jin Pei Da, Zhu Si Si   Chinese Medley - Good days, Country, Beijing alley
Beethoven, Hou De Jian, Japanese Song   Ocarina Medley – Ode to Joy, Descendent of the Dragon, Black Dog Brother
Wu Zu Qiang, Wang Yan Qiao, Liu De Hai   Little Sister of the Grassland Hero
He Lu Ting   Shepherd Piccolo
Wang Li Ping   The sea, our homeland
Hu Li   Raining Marble
Zhu Zhen   Edelweiss