Shenzhen Cuiyuan Junior Middle School Treble Choir

Shenzhen Cuiyuan Junior Middle School Treble Choir


Treble Choir of Shenzhen Cuiyuan Junior Middle School was founded in 2001. By 10 years, the choir has developed Allelja, Y’d Better Run, Funiculi-Funicula, Wir eilen mit Schwachen, Hulusheng Is Blowing, On Marketing Way, Guess Tone and Dance of Youth. The choir has been invited many times to make performance in the U.S., Canada, France, Swizerland, Austria, Germany, Belgium, etc. They stand on the stage of Columnbia University, Berkerley University, Toranto Univeristy and Paris Wazz Exclusive School. Everywhere they go leaves great honor and highly praise.

In Shenzhen Middle & Elementary Students Choir Competition and Children’s Flower Fair Competition, the Treble Choir from Shenzhen Cuiyuan Junior Middle School wins the gold prize many times and performs with famous Chinese artists Zhang Jiasheng, Tong Zirong, Liu Guangning, ect.

This is a vigorous and vital team. Children transmit their friendship, dreams, happiness and hope through singing and performance.




Zhang Mei

Zhang Mei

Artistic leader and conductor

Ms. Zhang Mei is from the city of Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, P.R.China.

Ms. Zhang Mei is the member of Shenzhen Musician Committee, and member of Shenzhen Chorus Committee. She acts as the executive conductor of Treble Choir of Shenzhen Cuiyuan Junior Middle School. She’s won many prizes in China, such as Top Chinese Arts Supervisor, Top Vocal Music Supervisor in Guangdong Province and so on. She’s awarded the prizes of the top conductor and top supervisor in Shenzhen Elementary & Middle School Chorus Competitions. She’s also awarded the honor of Advanced Person of Education in Luohu District of Shenzhen.

She’s ever made a further study in the classes of conductor masters, such as Yang Hong-nian, Yan Liang-kun, Xiao Bai, Sang Ye-song, ect. She leads treble choir to make cultural performances many times in Europe and America, transmits Chinese culture and expresses wish for a peaceful world through music.




Competition Program


Gospel Music   You'd Better Run
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart   The ABC
Bao Yuankai   Guess Tone
Herwig Reiter   Bitte Betti
Zhang Jun   Hulusheng Is Blowing



Additional Concerts Program


    A Flock of Birds
    Whip A Horse Busy Carrying Grain
    Resee Liuyang River
    Joyful Water-Splashing Festival
    Happy New Year
    Bitte Betti
    Das ABC
    The Depth of Bamboo Forest
    The South of Color Cloud
    Spring to Xiang River
    You’d Better Run