Mercedes College Select Choir

Mercedes College Select Choir


The Select Choir includes students aged 13 - 17 and is a senior choir from Mercedes College in Perth, Western Australia. They are the most active performing group in the school, being called upon frequently to represent the College for various school and community events. The Select Choir, in its current form, toured Hong Kong in 2011, where they were received a Gold award for their performance in the International Youth Music Festival. In 2016 they participated in a festival led by Dr Janet Galvan in Belfast and Dublin. They also performed as part of the London International Music Festival in 2016. For the past eight years, the Select Choir has joined with the Trinity College Chorale to perform SATB repertoire as the Mercedes/Trinity Chorale. The choirs enter festivals in Perth each year and have been awarded, many times, the Shield for the most outstanding performance in Liturgical Choral and Secondary Choral Performance. The Select Choir is touring Europe this July with 39 members of its 70 member choir.




Claire Glendinning

Claire Glendinning


Claire Glendinning graduated with honours in Music Education from the University of Western Australia. She is currently a member of Voyces, a chamber choir based in Perth that performs contemporary choral music. Claire has also performed internationally with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, nationally in the Festival of Voices in Tasmania, Choral Fest in Melbourne and Brisbane and locally in the Perth International Arts Festival. Claire has directed various choral and instrumental groups for the past nineteen years and is currently the Director of Music at Mercedes College, a Catholic girls’ school located in the centre of the Perth CBD in Western Australia. She is the director of several ensembles, including the Select Choir and Vocal Ensemble, as well as co-directing the combined Mercedes/Trinity Chorale. The Select Choir has performed in festivals in Hong Kong, Dublin, Belfast and London. The choirs enter festivals in Perth each year and have been awarded the Shield for the most outstanding performance in Liturgical Music for the past five years. The Mercedes/Trinity Chorale has also received this accolade many times for Secondary and Liturgical Choral singing. Claire has expanded the Music department at Mercedes College through her inclusive approach to music education, developing an exciting, new program that encourages participation of all students, no matter what their previous experience may be, as well as challenging senior students with diverse repertoire and performance opportunities.


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Competition Program


Benjamin Britten (1913 - 1976)   This Little Babe
Arvo Pärt (*1935)   Peace Upon You, Jerusalem
Clement Jannequin (1485 - 1558)   Au Joli Jeu
Dan Walker (*1978)   How Can You Catch the Wind
Jim Papoulis (*1964)   Sih'r Khalaq



Additional Concerts Program


Traditional song from the Torres Strait Islands   Sesere Eeye
Pugliese (*1991)   Flame Trees
Jim Papoulis (*1964)   Sih'r Khalaq