Guangzhou Panyu District Xiangxian High School

Guangzhou Panyu District Xiangxian High School


Mixed Chorus of Xiangxian High School was founded in January 2011, the 14 members of which mainly from Grade 10 and divided into four voice parts. In half a year’s training, the members achieved good balance between their study and singing interest, practicing seriously with high spirit and enthusiasm in their spare time, in the hope of demonstrating their most beautiful voice to the audience. The practice greatly promoted the students’ comprehensive quality and artistic culture, and also enriched their school life.

Conductor:      Huang Yanyun
Accompanist:    Liu Zhaoye




Huang Yanyun

Huang Yanyun


Ms. Huang Yanyun is a Music Teacher in Xiangxian High School, who majored in vocality and accordion in university and graduated from Music Department of South China Normal University in 2008.

Ms. Huang is in charge of the tutoring and practice of the chorus, and has tutored the chorus in winning the second prize in 2010 Guangzhou Chorus Festival for Schools.




Competition Program


Wang Luobin   Half of the Moon
Herwig Reiter   O Du Lieber Augustin
Zoltán Kodaly   See the Gypsies
Alteng O'le   Beautiful Grassland My Home



Additional Concerts Program


Wang Luobin   Half of the Moon
Johannes Brahms   Intermezzo in B Minor
Wang Yajun   Transparent Wings
Zhang Meng   Folk Dance
Wang Zirui   Hip-hop Dancing: Dance to Youth
Wong Kong Leong   Fairy Tale Story
Chan Mingzhi   Chanty of Wusuli
Zhong Xiaohua   Calligraphy Performance
Wang Changyuan   Kucheng Solo: Fighting Wind
Atteng O’le   Beautiful Grassland My Home