Musikito String Orchestra

The Musikito String Orchestra


In 1999, 66 students at the Sta.Peregrina Learning Center (ranging in age between 4 and 5 years) started playing with old and borrowed lyres. After just six months of playful experimenting, these children were making music - delighting the residents of Malabon, The Philippines. The first edition of Musikito was born when this children's band was named "Musikito: ang batang musiko," which means "A band of child musicians or little band players" and connotes a younger version of the older "Musiko" that Filipinos listen to during fiestas and other occasions.
Soon, the Musikito group played a major concert at the Concert at the Park, and went on to perform in other venues. After a brief hiatus, the Musikito started again in 2002, with a more profound commitment to music, the arts and the future of the group. In April 2003, 19 members of the Musikito started violin lessons with Ruby Natividad, followed by 14 more students a few months later.
In 2003, the Musikito expanded program, led by Jojo Gungon, was launched. Thanks to instruments donated by the Kokusai Koryu Club of Hiroshima, Japan, through the efforts of Ariel Sta.Ana (principal clarinet of PPO), the Musikito Melodion/Recorder Group (28 members) was born. A year later, the Musikito received another donation of musical instruments from the G.A.Yupangco, and the Musikito Percussion Group under Bernardo dela Cruz Jr. was organized.
In March, 2005 the Musikito Violin Group was dissolved since 19 of its 25 members found their new home at the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra of Rodel Colmenar. However, a new violin group was organized, and it was transformed into a string orchestra.
Since November 2007, the Musikito String Orchestra consists of 24 regular members ranging in age from 10-15 years old. The orchestra has a broad repertoire, including European classics, Chinese and Japanese songs, Filipino classics, OPM and other foreign pop music.
To continue the Musikito program, we do believe that we have to establish a new kind of music school, especially intended for disadvantaged children. The experience and lessons we have learned with the start-up of this program have inspired us to contribute to the field of music education.
At present, we are training Batch 6 (18 members), Batch 5 (13 members) and Batch 4 (11 members) to play violins. A new batch of Melodion/Recorder Group (47 members) between the ages of 6 to 9 years old is also being trained, as is the solfeggio class with 53 pupils whose ages range from 4 to 5 years old.
It is our aspiration that the Musikito will use what they learn - discipline, love for the arts, their musical skills - to open doors to bigger opportunities and apply for college scholarships.




Teddy R. Natividad


Conductor of the Musikito String Orchestra, started his career as music teacher at the Immaculate Conception Parochial School in Malabon, Metro-Manila before accepting the positions of Assistant Band Teacher at the International School in Manila and Assistant Band Teacher to all schools in Makati City. From 1997 - 2001, Natividad served worked with the Brent International School Manila Concert Band where he taught Beginning and Intermediate Band. He was the Conductor of the concert band and different ensemble groups of the school, and led the different groups in rehearsals and concerts with repertoires ranging from classical to pop music. In addition, he taught various instruments ranging from brass, woodwind and strings to percussion.

Natividad served as Delegate Head to the first APAC (Asia Pacific Activities Convention) Music Festival for Band held in 2000 at the Beijing International School in China, with Professor Duane Hendon, guest conductor. Furthermore, he has worked as part-time Professor and trombone instructor at the Centro Escolar University College of Music Mendiola in Manila, and as part-time Professor of music education and counterpoint classes.
An accomplished musician and arranger who plays many instruments, Natividad has served as Bass Trombonist and Orchestra Manager for the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra Manila from 2001 - 2005.




Competition Program


W.A. Mozart: Divertimento in B-flat mayor KV 137; 2nd movement; Allegro di molto and 3rd movement; Allegro assai

W.A. Mozart: 3rd movement,
E. Cuenco: "Diligin Mo Ng Hamog Ang Uhaw Na Lupa"
F. de Leon: "Symphonic Overture"