Suvalkija Choir

Suvalkija Choir




Virginija Junevičienė

Virginija Junevičienė


Mixed choir Suvalkija was founded in 1973. Virginija Junevičienė has been the leader and conductor of the choir. The choir has been a laureate in competitions and festivals in Lithuania. They won various prizes abroad.

1995- two third places in Middlesbrough (England).
1996- second place in choir competition F. Mendelssohn Dautphetal (Germany).
1998- third place in Suvalkai (Poland).
1999- two silver medal in Preveza (Greece).
2002- “Golden bird 2001m.” (Lithuania).
2002- third place in Vilnius (Lithuania).
2003- second place in Pecka (Chezk Respulic)
2007- special prize for performance of West Europe composer canticle G.P.da Palestrina “Nunc dimiti” in Sankt Peterburg (Russia)

1991- the international song festival “Bridges of Song” in Tallin (Estonia).
1994- the international song festival in Kopenhagen (Denmark).
1997- Nordic Baltic Choir Festival in Visby (Sweden).
1998- the festival of church music in Loreto (Italy).
2000- Nordic Baltic Choir Festival in Skien (Norway).
2001- International Choir Festival in Cantonigros (Spain).
2002- Nordic Baltic Choir Festival in Klaipeda (Lithuania).
2006- the festival of sacred music in Rumia (Poland)
2009- festival in Denmark
The choir gave concerts abroad: Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, England, Greece, Italy, Czech Republic, Spain.
The repertoire includes works by G. Palestrina, C. Monteverdi, J.Gallus, A. Scarlati, G.F. Handel, W.A. Mozart, J.S. Bach, F. Mendelssohn, A.Bruckner, R. Shuman, U. Sisask, F. Poulenc and also by Lithuania composers. The choir has recorded several cassettes.
Also choir “Suvalkija” organizing international sacred music festival “Dziugaukim….Aleliuja”. The festival started in 2000 and last year was one of the biggest sacred music festival into Lithuania ( about 2500 participants )




Celebration Program


Giovanni Da Palestrina Sicut Servus
Iacobus Gallus Ave Maria, Gratia Plena
Feliks Mendelssohn - Bartholdy Richte Mich, Gott (Op.78, Nr. 2)
Vytautas Miskinis Ubi Caritas
Arrangement by Nijole Sinkeviciute Pjove Lankoj Siena
Jonas Tamulionis Sarkela Varnela
Arrangement by Vaclovas Augustinas Anoj Pusej Dunojelio



Additional Concerts Program


sacral songs  
Vytautas Miskinis Angelus Autem Domini
Giovanni da Palestrina Sicut Servus
Giovanni da Palestrina Nunc Dimitis
Iacobus Gallus Ave Maria, Gratia Plena
Vytautas Miskinis Kyrie, Eleison
Lavinio Virgili O Salutaris Ostia
Josef Rheinberger Abendlied (op.69, Nr.3)
Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy Richte mich, Gott (op. 78, Nr.2)
Richard Dubra O Crux Ave
Vytautas Miskinis Cantate Domino

folk songs
Arragement by Vytautas Klova Ruta Zalioji
Arragement by Nijole Sinkeviciute Pjove Lankoj Siena
Arrangement by Vaclovas Augustinas Anoj Pusej Dunojelio
Jonas Tamulionis Sarkela Varnela