Nanjing Lhasa - Tongtong Children's Choir

Nanjing Lhasa - Tongtong Children‘s Choir


Tong Tong is a primary school in Lhasa, Nanjing, China. The Tong Tong Children's Choir will enrich the vitality of the children vocal groups. The choir has more than 120 members, the youngest member is 7 years old. Members receive here a long term professional training, for which professionals are regularly hired to train Chinese and foreign songs. The result is success in competitions in many parts of the country. Also at the artistic exchange in Taiwan in 2010, the choir reaped much praise.

Choral Competition Awards

December 2006: 3rdPrice-Primary and secondary school choir competition
May 2005: 1stPrice-ElementaryChoir Competition in Nanjing
June 2006: 1 Price-Elementary school arts festival in Nanjing
October 2008: 1 Price-Choir research award
July 2009: 1 Price-Elementary school arts festival in Nanjing
September2009: 1Price-ElementaryChoir Competition in Nanjing

October 2000: 1 Price-Gulou District school choir competition
October 2003: 1 Price-Gulou District school choirc ompetition
May 2006: 1stPrice-GulouDistrictschoolchoircompetition
November2008: 2ndPrice-GulouDistrictartisticcreationcompetition
May 2009: 1stPrice-GulouDistrictschoolchoircompetition
February 2010: Artistic exchange in Taipei
July 2011: Gold medal-Choral Festival in Vienna



Ling Song

Ling Song


The conductor Ling Song was a member of the Nanjing Lhasa - Tongtong Children‘s Choir from primary school to university. Thanks to her long experiences with the choir she brings a lot of soul and charm in it and is investing heavily in the training of the choir. In a competition Songling was named the best choir teacher. Awards for excellent advices in the provinces, municipalities, choir competitions.



Competition Program


Wolfram Wagner (*1962)   Es löst der Sonnenschein
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)   Ave Maria
Yunnan Volksliede
Recomposed by Chen Guang’zhong
  Cai Diao
Musik: Xi Qiming, Text: Wang Xiaolong
Recomposed by Chen Guang’zhong
  Into the Sun in October



Additional Concerts Program


Traditional dance   Red, The Symbolic Color of China
Performer: Song Tianyue
Dai traditional with Cucurbit flute   In The Moonlight
Performer: Shi Shuyi
Dance   Happy Life
Performer: Song Ling, Song Tianyue
Kungfu: Routine 3 Long boxing   Performer: Dai Tianshu, Wang Wenda
    Allegretto patter
Performer: Suo Siyu, Li Boxiang, Duo Guo
Jiangsu traditional song   Jasmine
Solo: Chen Yilin
Hiphop   Chinas Got Talent
Performer: Wang Xixuan
Huangmei Opera   Emperors Female Son-in-law
Yang Peian   I Believe, Solo: Wu Tond
Musik: Xi Qiming, Text: Wang Xiaolong
Recomposed by Chen Guang’zhong
  Into the Sun in October
Yunnan traditional song   Cai Diao