Youth Centre "Altona" Choir Solare

Youth Centre Altona Choir Solare


Our vocal group SolaRe was established in 2003. At the beginning we were studying and singing in Riga English Grammar School.
After graduating school we wanted to stay together and continued our way of life – singing. We all come from one of the most beautiful cities in Europe – Riga. Its historical center is a part of UNESCO because of its supreme art nouveau example. We love Riga and we are proud of it. Because of that we are participating in many concerts abroad to represent our city and country at its best.
Today we are 16 singers in SolaRe. Our repetitions take place in Children and Youth Culture Center “Altona” conducted by Ilze Bulate. Logo “SolaRe” reveals our flow of spirit, joy of singing and being together. With this harmony we go to people and bring them joy, love and light through our songs.
The Repertoire is various including- Latvian folksongs and classics, church music, modern music and jazz. We take part in Latvian Song and Dance Festivals, charity concerts in orphanages and in special programs abroad: Germany, Lithuania, Estonia, Denmark. Generally, we have many concerts in Latvia for different audiences. In 2004 we were award winners in a competition between Riga’s vocal groups. In summer 2006 we participated in The Baltic Students’ Song Festival in Tartu (Estonia). We are open for challenges and new adventures. Always on the way…




Ilze Bulate

Ilze Bulate


Ilze Bulate is a Music teacher and choir conductor, who studied music and choir conducting in Latvia Music Academy. She has a Master’s Degree in music education and choir conducting. Over 25 years she was a music teacher in Riga English Grammar school and a conductor of the mixed choir ''Verus". During this period choir "Verus'' took part in Latvian Song and Dance Festivals and visited Germany, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Since 2004 Ilze brings her life long experience and understanding to the vocal group (choir) SolaRe at Youth Center ''Altona''. Together they like to discover different music styles- from Latvian folk songs to jazz. Ilze currently works as a lecturer at the Latvian University specializing in sound therapy and sound consciousness.
Live and sing with joy- this is Ilzes belief.
Ilze lives in the capital of Latvia- Riga.




Celebration Program


K. Nystednul: „Laudate“
K. Orff: “Catulli Carmina”
V. Kaminskis: “Bedu manu lielu bedu”
Z. Liepins: „Al. Bieza tumsa” with accomp.
J. Lüsens: “Pavasaris” with accomp.



Additional Concerts Program


Z. Liepins: „Ligava parnak dziedadama“
V. Zilveris: „Put, put veja mat“
J. Lusens: “Savada”
E. Melngailis: “Tumsa nakte, zala zale”
Arranged by B. Kalnina: “Man dziesminu nepietruka”
I. Mezaraups: “Tricej kalni, skanej mezi”
J. Cimze: “Put, vejini”
J. Kern: “Smoke gets in your eyes”
S. Joplin: “Marple Leaf Rag”
V. Clarke: “Only You”