The Mukachevo boys and young men choir

The Mukachevo boys and young men choir


The Mukachevo boys and young men choir was founded in 1983. On its basis one of the first boys’ and youngsters’ choral schools in the Ukraine was founded in 1989. In 1985 the choir was awarded the title of “Exemplary” by order of the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture.

The choir was awarded numerous awards at Ukrainian and international competitions and festivals among which are the 44th and 46th European Youth and Children Choral Festivals in Neerpelt/Belgium in 1996 and 1998, the International Choral Kids Festival in Kiev in 1997, 2003 and 2005 and the International Boys Choir Festival in Solnok, Hungary (winner of the Golden Diploma). The choir is the prize winner of the Ukrainian D.Zadora Art Prize 1997.

In addition, the choir has received diplomas from many international festivals: Kosice, Slovakia (1991, 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004); Gaude Mater, Chenstohova/Poland (1992); Pueri Cantores, Salzburg/Austria (1996); Tarnov/ Poland (1997); Celie/ Slovenia (1997), Cantonigros/ Spain (1998), Gaija – 2000/Portugal (2000), Turchanske Teplice/Slovakia (2002, 2004), Zheshuv/ Poland (2002), Musiksommer Obermain, Lichtenfels /Germany (2003), Vranov nad Toplou/ Slovakia (2005), Poprad, Spishska Nova Ves/Slovakia (2006), Choral meetings Pueri Cantores in Belgium and Holland (2006).

The choir has presented Ukrainian choral art in 18 European countries: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Slovenia, Czechia, Slovakia, Yugoslavia, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Holland.

The choir’s concert program includes works by Ukrainian classical composers (D.Bortnyanskiy, A.Vedel, M.Lysenko, M.Leontovych, K.Stezenko), by western-European classical composers (D.Palestryna, J.Bach, W.Mozart, G.Pergolesi, F.Schubert, J.Brahms, A.Bruckner, Z.Koday), as well as by Ukrainian and inter-national modern composers and adaptations of Ukrainian folk songs.



Volodymyr Volontyr

Volodymyr Volontyr

Director of Mukachevo boys and young men choir

Volodymyr Volontyr is the permanent artistic and organizational head of the choir and director of the choral school. He is an honoured cultural figure of the Ukraine and member of the National Alliance of Composers of the Ukraine. Oksana Volontyr has been the choirmaster of the choir since its foundation. Boys and young men from the age of 10 to 20 years perform in the choral concert ensemble.


Competition Program

Treble Choir:

H. Reiter: "Keine Gerechtigkeit"
J. Brahms: "Adoramus te, Christe" ( "Drei geistliche Chˆre" op. 37)
V. Volontyr: "All Mountains are turning green"
V. Volontyr: "Holidays"
G. Pergolesi: "Stabat mater"

Mixed Choir:

W. Wagner: "dir"
A. Bruckner: "Locus iste"
M. Leontovich: "Only begotten Son"  
V. Volontyr: "Ave Maria"
M. Leontovich: "Schedryk"
V. Volontyr: "Kolomyjky"
F. Schubert: "Gloria" aus der Messe in G-Dur