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Expand your Music-tour and take part in the official SCL extension in Prague performing in the famous Smetana Hall.


Opt for a wonderful concert experience in Salzburg, Munich, or the city of your choice! We offer a multitude of options to broaden your musical experience in Europe.


Together with our Global partners we ensure that you will experience a unique concert tour throughout Europe. On the bottom of this page you can find a list of our worldwide travel partners. Through our international partners we are able to offer you a nearby contact.

  • Welcome to the official SCL concerts in Prague!

    These concerts take place either...

  • the beautiful Smetana hall, the core of the...
  • ...Prague Municipal House with its marvelous Art Nouveau architecture style or in the Dvorak Hall in the Rudolfinum.
  • Prague, being one of the oldest and biggest cities in Central Europe...
  • ...excels with numerous touristic...
  • ...and cultural attractions that you should not miss.


    Art lovers call Salzburg the Golden City of High Baroque and music lovers know it as the Festival City; birthplace of Mozart and home of the world-famous Salzburg Festival. Possible Concert Venues: Salzburg Cathedral, Mozarteum.


    A metropolis with rural charm. Alpine heartiness and Mediterranean chic in an an endlessly new city that never loses its fascination. Possible Concert Venues: Künstlerhaus, St. Peter.


    Breathtaking Old World grandeur and a thriving cultural life. The city unites the colourful hills of Buda and the wide, businesslike boulevards of Pest. Possible Concert Venues: Vigado Concert Hall, Bela Bartok Concert Hall, St. Matthias.


    The cultural and economic centre of Slovakia. The capital is a charming old town with picturesque narrow streets stretches along the Danube. Possible concert venues are: Slovak Radio Concert Hall, St. Martin Cathedral, St. Stephanus.


    The city located on the river Elbe is is also known as the Jewel Box, because of its baroque and rococo city centre. Aside from Dresden possible Concert Venues include Gewandhaus and St. Thomas Church in Leipzig


    Famous for its picturesque scenery and the wonderful view over the glacial lake, Bled is situated on the southern foot of the Karawanks. Possible Concert Venues: Grand Hotel Toplice, Festival Concerts


    A magical city par excellence, where history and art reflect in the peaceful water of the Lagoon. It has justifiably been named by UNESCO as being a site of important human heritage. Possible Concert Venues: St. Marks and other churches.


    The symbol of the Renaissance rose to economic and cultural pre-eminence under the Medici. Florence has been home for numerous artists and its 600 years of extraordinary artistic activity have shaped the city. Possible Concert Venues: Montecatino, Montegrotto.


    The "Eternal City". Its Historic Center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Situated on the River Tiber, between the Apennine Mountains and the Tyrrhenian Sea, it was once the administrative center of the mighty Roman Empire.


    Paris offers artistic and cultural treasures beyond comparison and is home of some of the world´s most famous museums. No wonder it´s one of the world´s top tourist destination. Possible concert venues are: Notre Dame; La Madeleine.

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