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The SCL Festival wants to encourage the inclusion of dance performances, which is why we created a special category called “Music+Dance”. The groups in this category will present dancing performers accompanied by a music ensemble (ie. an orchestra, choir, band or also a folk ensemble).
The category will be celebratory, as varying ways of dancing from different times and cultures can’t be compared in a competition. However, the groups will receive feedback from our jurors.

The Ensembles take part in the following program:

- The opening ceremony (Konzerthaus)
- 2 workshops at the University of Music
- 2 additional performances in and around Vienna
- 1 performance in the Musikverein
- Closing ceremony in Vienna’s Town Hall
- Gala Winner´s Concert ticket included

During the celebration the participants may present a freely chosen program within a time period of 20 - 25 minutes. The following are suggestions from the Festival:

  • Choreography to a traditional (folk) music piece from own country
  • Choreography to a classical music (choir or instrumental) piece from own country
  • Choreography from young emergent upcoming talented choreographer from own country

Additional performances:
Your program for the additional performance should be around 25-55 minutes. The program can be freely chosen, if you want to it can also include all or parts of your celebration program.

Please be aware:

  1. The choice of music repertoire should be in line with the styles of music represented at the SCL Festival and amplification is not possible in many of the venues. The repertoire has to be accepted by the artistic director of the SCL Festival after applying ensembles submit recordings or scores.
  2. The space in locations such as the Musikverein is restricted; also the floors are not specifically made for dancing. Please choreograph or choose choreographies accordingly


The content of the workshops for Music+Dance ensembles will be tailor-made upon the individual needs and wishes of the group, focusing either on music or choreography.


  • SCL Festival Venues - Musikverein

    The Competition and the Celebration held in the Golden Hall of the Musikverein (and/or in the Great Hall of the Konzerthaus). Music lovers throughout the world know...
  • SCL Festival Venues - Golden Hall of the Musikverein

    ...the Musikverein as the center of Viennese musical culture, as the focus of the international concert circuit and as the Eldorado of classical music.

  • SCL Festival Venues - Konzerthaus

    The Gala Winner’s concert, held in the sold out Konzerthaus. In the heart of the Konzerthaus (which consists of more than 600 rooms) lies the Konzerthaus’ flagship, the Grosser Saal (Great Hall). In this room, artists, audiences and atmosphere blend into a harmonious triad...
  • SCL Festival Venues - Great Hall of the Konzerthaus

    ...Home to world-famous orchestras, virtuoso soloists, renowned conductors and legendary jazz musicians, the Great Hall can accommodate an audience of 1,800 and offers the perfect venue for a wide variety of musical activity.

  • SCL Festival Venues - University of Music in Vienna

    Workshops and seminars held in the University of Music in Vienna, one of the largest arts universities in the world.
  • SCL Festival Venues - Rathaus / Vienna City Hall

    Closing ceremony held in the magnificent Festival Hall of Vienna City Hall, hosted by the Lord Mayor of Vienna.