General Information Covid-19


Dear Participants, dear Friends of the SCL,

We are happy to welcome you to Vienna and to celebrate the 14th SCL Festival together. During the last two years we could not gather due to the ongoing pandemic and we are extremely grateful that concerts, workshops and meetings in person can be held again.

Now, we know the pandemic is not completely over, therefore we would like to recommend general suggestions of behavior. Note, this is merely an advice no rule.

While wearing a mask is only obligatory in public transport we also recommend wearing a mask when gathering in closed rooms such as the Musikverein, St. Stephen’s cathedral or the University of Music and Performing Arts.

Furthermore we recommend following the basic hygiene advice to wash and disinfect your hands regularly and follow the advice given by the WHO.

Please find here useful links concerning the overall situation in Vienna and Austria:

and useful information in case you contract covid: