Dear Visitors

We are happy to welcome you to the SCL Festival!
If you would like to attend the performance of a certain ensemble you can easily look up the schedule of the festival on the concert-page. The page will be online as soon as we have compiled the schedule.
Tickets to the Gala Winners’ Concert can be obtained directly from the Konzerthaus.
The opening and the closing ceremony are exclusively for participants and per invitation only.


Generally the dress code for all events differs according to the venue.
Conductor's Dinner: No dress code applies. As the conductors' meeting takes place immediately after the opening ceremony, no change of clothes is possible or required.
Gala Winners' Concert in the Konzerthaus: The Konzerthaus does not officially require a certain dress code. Considering the festive occasion, we would however suggest smart casual (no shorts, t-shirts). Suits and evening gowns are not required but are also appropriate. Overcoats, bags, rucksacks and umbrellas must be left at the Konzerthaus or Musikverein cloakrooms for security reasons.
Farewell / Closing Ceremony: See Konzerthaus. No change of clothes required.
All other events: For all other events and venues no dress code applies.

General Information on tickets for / attendance of festival performances for non-performers:

  • Opening Ceremony: this event is not open to the public and due to limited space availability reservation is needed.
  • Workshops at the University of Music: this event is not open to the public. Persons traveling with the group are welcome to attend if there is adequate space. Please inform the artistic office.
  • Lecture at the Konzerthaus: this event is not open to the public and only for festival participants.
  • Additional concerts at the MuTh: these events are open to the public. Tickets can be purchased either online/by telephone or at the box office.
  • Further additional concerts in and around Vienna: these are open to the public and free of charge but reservation is needed. The performances outside Vienna are often difficult to reach for individual travellers.
  • Competition at the Musikverein: these events are not open to the public. Friends and family are welcome to attend. Please enter and exit with the group via the side entrance. Extra visitors MUST arrive at same time of the group.
  • Gala Winners’ Concert: this event is open to the public. Tickets can be purchased on the website of the Konzerthaus:
  • Closing Ceremony: this event is not open to the public.


Please remember: No photo or video equipment is allowed in the Musikverein and in the Konzerthaus. This is not festival policy but a requirement of the Musikverein and the Konzerthaus. Our staff is instructed to act accordingly. However, festival photographers will be present at both venues and the photos taken will be forwarded to all participants after the festival. These photos are not for commercial use.