SCL2021 HG 2021:  A Poetry of Simple Things - The Magic of Music


In 2021 the SCL Festival stands for a vote for the poetry of simple things. After experiencing a very unusual and dire situation in our world during the last months, we at the SCL Festival wanted to accentuate an essential role of music: that very sensation that music and its performance generate both among the audience and the performers. This particular magic that happens when we meet in real time, face to face and listen to each other creating and performing music. 
Therefore we would like to invite you to overcome the distance that separates us, geographically and metaphorically: join the Festival and let us create that atmosphere and magic of musical understanding, an artistically inspired musical nearness.
The Festival 2021 will focus on the emotion, the beauty and lyricism of music. Music as a story that transcends the limitations of our everyday circumstances and brings to life that unforgettable moment of perfection, the beauty of music as a story, told by the performers.

As a novelty for us, starting 2021 we offer a possibility to participate online in the Festival. Find the details here at the bottom of this page. 




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